About me

Who doesn’t like a very quick description? And what if it could be in less than 280 characters? Twitter… help me!

My name is Hernan Ezequiel Di Giorgi, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don’t like meat, but I’m not a vegetarian either. My philosophy is somewhat based in the Stoicism. I’m a fan of @GaryVee. I can barely see without my glasses. I love nice keyboards, displays, cameras, microphones, notebooks, and tech in general.

I’m a linux guy, I like i3wm but is very buggy. I prefer Ubuntu, but OpenBSD rocks. I use VSCode but Emacs is better. Haskell seems nice but unnecessary useless, nobody trust .NET F#, and I love Scala. Rust is cool, Go is practical, C/C++(20+) is what Rust will never be.

Chrome is practical and fast, Firefox has less resources but their philosophy is less evil. Richard Stallman is… a strange creature. I don’t like GPLv3. Thanks god that the Linux kernel is GPLv2. Linus Torvalds is awesome!

Tor, I2P hidden services are good for when you are behind a firewall. I2P has a very small and communicative community, but they use Java. I always thought about mining crypto in the winter.

I dream with becoming an extremely good Software Engineer, having a good following in social media to talk about something important, and to share vlogs.

I like dogs, cats love me. I never met Godzilla, but I watched their films as a child maybe a little to much.

Paul Graham, didn’t beat the averages with any secret weapon. He is smart, no doubt about that, but Lisp isn’t that good.

Where can you contact me?